Monday, August 25, 2008

first day of school

I went home to Mom and Dad's for an awesome dinner last night (and enjoyed the leftovers again tonight!) and decided to spend the night there. I blamed it on the horrible rain storm but really just wanted the comfort of sleeping in my bed. I love my apartment and it is finally starting to feel like part of the every day routine, but there's nothing like sleeping in my bed at home. I set my alarm to leave East Aurora nice and early, but decided I was in no rush and went back to sleep for a bit. Mom made me some breakfast when I woke up and sent me on my way to get ready for my first day of school. I showered and fixed my hair and make up, but made sure to take my time and relax because I was feeling a bit anxious. College was not always easy, but there weren't many times I felt like it was too much work. (Except that friggan logic class. I'll never forget how much I hated that class.)

My friend came over and we drove to Niagara together with another girl from our program. They are neighbors but I'd never met her before today, so it was nice to get to know someone else I'll be spending the next 3 years with. There are only 10 people in our program, so we'll all get to know each other really well. Six of the 10 students all graduated from Canisius, so I already know most of them. We left super early because we had to pick our books up from the bookstore, but we still ended up having an hour before class started. We sat outside and met up with more people I graduated with, catching up on the summer and dreading the start of classes again.

We went into the classroom and our professor was already there. He's a young guy who seemed just as nervous as us. He assured us he knew how we felt because he was in our place at Niagara not too long ago. I think he calmed all of us down because he told us to call him Kevin and text him if we ever had to miss class or had a question about assignments. I really liked the class too. It's called Perspectives in School Psychology... pretty much school psych 101. Lots and lots of reading, which I expected, but not quite as much work as I thought we'd get for the semester. Oh! And he let us out an hour and a half early too!

Cross your fingers that class tomorrow goes this well!

Monday, August 18, 2008

last week of summer

classes start next week monday. where did the summer go?
i have a super busy week planned of... um, watching the hills tonight. maybe going shopping with mom tomorrow? yeah, not so much planned for my last week of freedom. hopefully i'll get some nice artwork for my empty walls, then i'll post some pictures of my awesome apartment.
i'll probably start posting more once classes start because i'm the queen of procrastination.

Monday, August 11, 2008

i carried a watermelon

You know those kind of movies that you can recite every line by heart? The ones that you can watch over and over and never get sick of it? That's how Dirty Dancing is for me. After my surgery it seems like it was on every movie channel. And I watched it every time. In high school, my friend and I learned some of the dances... so not only can I recite the lines for you, but I can do it while busting a move. This weekend I took my nerdiness to a new low...
I saw it live in Toronto.

I didn't have high expectations because it's like turing a book into a movie, the original is always better. Pretty bad acting, really good dancing (and it was indeed dirty) and okay singing. It was very entertaining though. It was pretty much exactly like the movie with a few added scenes. There were 2 older couples sitting behind us talking before the play started. This was what I heard:

Old Lady 1: Have you ever seen the movie Dirty Dancing?
Old Lady 2: It's a movie?! No, I've never seen it, who's in it?
(me: WHA!?!?)
OL1: Oh I don't know, I've never seen it either. I think John Travolta.
(No. nonono. Who ARE you people?)
OL2: What is the story about?
(um, let's see here. abortion. scandalous love affair between a girl, just out of high school, and an older dancer. girl loses all of her childhood innocence with one look into his hungry eyes (ha! get it?). all on summer vaca with the fam. don't worry old ladies, you'll love it.)
OL1: I'm not sure. It's a love story I think.
( how have you never seen this CLASSIC? these women are in for quite a surprise.) OL2: (reading through the program) Oh! The play was made after the movie?
(oh my lord. i give up.)

They were very quiet during intermission.

We went shopping on Saturday morning and impressed ourselves with how fast we got through the whole mall. I showed incredible restraint and only bought a pair of shoes and a shirt (and a very over priced Dirty Dancing t-shirt later on...) While we were there we saw a man wearing an interesting outfit...

I think we need a family girls trip to Toronto to see it together... who's in?

Friday, August 8, 2008

happy birthday!!!

Happy Birthday! I've had fun celebrating your birthday season with you!

aren't we pretty?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

gulf shores

I know it's been a while since we went to Gulf Shores, but procrastination must run in the family.

Mom got to dip Miles' toes in the ocean, just like she did with Julia:

We got to play in the sand and the water all the time:

We ate tons of fried seafood at LuLu's:
(Julia enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and lounged on Papa...)

We celebrated Papa's birthday:

And then Aunt Esther's birthday... and even set the smoke detector off!!

We enjoyed the views of the beach and from the balcony:

It was a really great trip even though I wish everyone could've been there. Look at Esther's blog soon for more pictures!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

sweet internet

I finally have internet and cable at my new apartment, so I'm sitting here basking in the glow of my giant TV and computer screen. Mikey and I went to Best Buy this morning to buy a router, both a tiny bit hungover from his celebration last night. He just set it up and went on his way so I can catch up on my personal crack and watch some DVRed episodes of Project Runway (man, I hate Stella...)

I'm going home tomorrow for a girls' night while the boys are in NYC for the Yankees game. I'm sure they're gonna be jealous of our night... chinese food and chick flicks! I will post pictures soon of the new apartment and of my glorious vaca to the beach!