Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Jerky Hole

I don't think I ever really got into why I had my tonsils out, although I'm sure you all know about the Jerky Hole by now. My tonsils were unusually large, lumpy, and... hole-y. There were big holes and tunnels that food would get caught in. Gross, I know, but reason enough to have them removed in my opinion. The first time I learned about these holes was a few years ago at Esther's house. We were eating beef jerky and a BIG SPLINTER of it got stuck in my throat! Esther and Cecilia did a little surgery of their own, with tweezers, and got the jerky out. Since then, those food traps were renamed the Jerky Holes. End TMI.
I wrote a loooong post about my surgery and recovery, but I must've been on Loritab still because it was a whole mess of run on sentences and unfinished thoughts. So here's a quick recap: The actual surgery was fine and I don't remember a thing after, "OK Mary, we're just going to give you a little something to relax..." Next thing I remember was waking up not being able to breath through my nose (because of all the blood, so said the nurse... yuck) but hurting too bad to breath through my mouth. The surgeon assured my parents that I made the right decision to have the surgery because (TMI alert!) there was A LOT of crap in my jerky holes, showing how infected my tonsils were. I spent a few uncomfortable hours after surgery in the hospital with Mom and Cecilia. Cecilia took a greeeat picture of me that sums up exactly how I felt, I'll have to post it later. Once I was home I was on a pretty regular schedule of drugs every 2 hours. Mom camped out in my room for a few nights to make sure I didn't overdose or anything. I spent a solid week or so on the couch watching Lifetime, communicating with a dry-erase board and eating popsicles. It was actually a nice little break (besides all the PAIN!) I'm finally feeling pretty good, not 100% but almost there.
I'm leaving tomorrow to finish recovering ON THE BEACH!!! Originally we were only supposed to stay until Monday for a long weekend. Unfortunately Dad still has to come home then, but Esther and I will be staying until Wednesday with Julia and Miles. Mom is staying even longer so she can go to her high school reunion and have some more QT with Aunt Esther. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get back, but for now I have to go finish packing!!

Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Happy birthday to the sweetest 2 year old I know