Thursday, April 17, 2008

Here I am at 10 PM just cracking open my book for a test tomorrow. I had better things to do today. Like go to the zoo! It was beautiful and sooo nice to get outside. (Note to self: your pasty Irish skin has been inside for months… sunscreen would’ve been nice). We missed the elephants but thankfully Maeve does a mean impression of them. The baby tigers were super cute, even if their names are ridiculous. I forgot my camera, but this was only the first of many trips to the zoo in the next few months!

It was an even better treat to get outside because I have been sick for the past couple days. Not I-just-don’t-feel-like-going-to-class sick but really miserable, stay in bed sick. I had a headache all day Monday, but nothing I couldn’t handle. I still went to work and I survived. By the time I left though, I felt like I had been run over by a truck. I got in bed at 6:30 and could. not. move. My room was spinning because I was so dizzy. I was freezing and sweating all at the same time. I slept on and off all night and I was having some crazy dreams. At one point, I woke up and I just knew this was a caffeine headache. (oh yeah, except I don’t drink coffee and I don’t drink that much diet coke...) I had a diet Pepsi in my room so I sprawled out in the middle of my floor at 2 AM and drank it, positive it would make my headache to go away. I went back to sleep and dreamed my bed was a pirate ship and the waves were rocking it back and forth. I think I was delusional. I called my mom in the morning and had her come pick me up. I went home for a couple days for some tlc and lots of sleep. I feel waaay better today, especially after being outside. And really, I could've gone to class yesterday, but I was just having more fun being at home watching Lifetime movies!

Well I really should get back to studying (er, i mean, start studying...)
2 weeks of class left and 29 days til graduation :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

mr. golden sun

not much can get this girl out of bed on a day when she can sleep in. since i have a fabulous senior schedule, i don't have class tuesday or thursday so i usually don't have anything to do those mornings. but today i woke up at 8 (yes that is EARLY... crack of dawn if you ask me) and went outside. i went to elmwood with my roommate to get some starbucks then we sat out on our front lawn for a few hours (while she skipped class...) this is the best and worst time of year for a student of any age. schools almost over, summers almost here... but you still have a month of class to sit through, sorry 'bout that. we justify skipping class at least once a week. "i wouldn't learn anything because i'd just be watching out the window wishing i was outside anyway..."

work is getting to be hard too with the nice weather. part of the program is that the kids have to do homework every day. those kids who take 3 hours to get their homework done? sorry kid, that's not gonna fly with me today because i want to go outside on the playground just as much as you. i realized that i was actually giving answers out yesterday just so they would finish faster. hey, at least we got to go outside sooner! besides, they need the help with their grades anyway....

i think spring is my favorite time of year. it's not too hot, not too cold. everyone has been cooped up for months in freezing buffalo weather. 50 degrees seems balmy once it finally arrives. i looove this campus when it gets warm. it's like spring is an automatic reason to have parties at 2 in the afternoon on your front lawn. the quad is full of everyone "doing homework" or playing frisbee. it's painful to go to class but most teachers don't want to be there just as much as us and let us out early a lot. i've gone to the playground two times in the past week and i've taken many walks in the park. i ate dinner outside last night at esther and john's house. it makes me sooo excited for one more summer of NOTHING! too bad no one will be on maternity leave this summer.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

the garvey's sure love their mighty

holy crap. THIS is friggan hilarious. my little cousin art (little meaning he's over a foot taller than me...) proves that the Garvey's will go to great lengths for some delicious mighty taco....