Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i'm baaack!

Hi! Remember me? Sorry for the blogging break, but I've been so busy since graduation. You know, being a grown up and all. HA! Just kidding. I've actually been gloriously un-busy (yes, that is a word) since then. Let me catch you up on life.
  • I moved home (so long, ghetto) and have gotten into a great routine of being an old lady. I eat a nice dinner with the parents, watch some inside edition, catch up on the daily gossip blogs, and I'm in bed by 9. (Seriously, I go to bed that early some nights). I've seen some friends from high school which has been fun, but most nights I'm perfectly content with my early bed time.
  • We had that awesome grad party. It seems like it was months ago! Got lots of awesome and generous gifts! People are too nice.
  • I got an apartment! After a few days of hunting, my roommate (one that I've lived with the past 2 years) and I found the perfect one. It's not huge, but it's big enough for us. There's gated parking, which is awesome (because I still can't parallel park...). There's ugly green carpeting in it, but they've already started taking it up so we'll have refinished hard wood floors. And get this, there's a roof top patio with an awesome view of the city and the lake! And it's only a few minutes from downtown, so it looks like my days as an old lady are numbered!
  • I saw this. Twice. Was a little disappointed the first time around, but after hours of replaying it over and over in my head and debating with friends, I liked it much better the second time. Man, I really do have too much time on my hands.
  • I wrote a 10 page paper on the role of leadership in school psychology. I dislike grad school already.
  • I've been catching up on this blog. Tear. Get your tissues ready.
  • I had my last day of work last week at the Boys & Girls Club. I teared up a bit when I left because I know I'll probably never see any of those kids again. One girl, Cynthia, is a refugee from Africa (her dad is still there, "missing".. so sad), the oldest of 4 kids, and one of the hardest workers I know. She just graduated from 8th grade and got a full scholarship to Nardin!! I used to help her type her physics labs, which I didn't even understand. I'm sure someday I'll see her on the news for doing something amazing.
  • I went to the Corning Museum of Glass yesterday with Mom, Mimi, and Grandma. It's one of those places I've always wanted to go see and so we took our first free day and went! We met Aunt Barb there and she got me the most beautiful tall, glass flowers as a graduation gift. (I'll post pictures of them soon!) As we were leaving, she handed me another gift and said, "every garden needs one of these!" It's a beautiful glass butterfly! They'll be great decorations for my new grown-up apartment!
  • I went out for ice cream with Esther, John, Julia and Miles the other night. We ordered our cones and had the tiny shop pretty much to ourselves. I was sitting next to Julia and sharing my piece of cake ice cream with her (along with her chocolate with sprinkles...) when a man walked in. I noticed he had a big... uh, thing on his nose. A tumor? Perhaps preparing for a role in a Disney movie? (go ahead and google "nose tumor" and you'll get a good idea). Anyway, I was not the only one who noticed, apparently. Sweet little Julia shouts out, "HAHAHA LOOK AT THAT MAN! HE HAS A BIG NO..." as I slapped my hand over her mouth. I'm pretty sure I bit a hole in my tongue, I was trying so hard not to laugh. I picked Julia up and started asking her about school, her ice cream, anything to distract her. She leans into me and whispers, "But Mooey, isn't that so silly?!?!" Ah yes, it was quite silly. He walks by and again, "LOOK, THERE'S THE MAN WITH THE BIG NOSE!" John and I planned how to get her out so she didn't point and laugh at the poor guy.
  • I took my friend out for her 21st birthday last night. My 21st birthday was on a Monday too, so I know you can't just bar hop on Chippewa. I took her to the classy local bars instead. Apparently I did a good job though, because I got a text this morning (er, afternoon) that said, "I slept on the bathroom floor last night." I'm so proud :)
  • I get my tonsils out in one week. blah. NOT looking forward to the pain. I AM looking forward to ice cream and slushies. And lots and lots of cheesy movies. Maybe I'll update before then, but most likely not!